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Common Ground for Creatives in Deep East Texas

The Lufkin Limners is an inclusive group who

  • Cultivates creative relationships,

  • Inspires creative growth,

  • Invests in the diverse arts and culture of our community and

  • Advocates for artist’s voices in Lufkin and the greater area.

What do we do?


All types of artists and performers are welcome to join.

The only requirement is that you are actively creative and willing to give as much as you receive from this group.

Inspire Growth

We share our resources of knowledge and experience, we open creative space to learn together and play. We ask real questions and search for the answers together.


Find ways to work together to create something beautiful. Need an illustrator? A musician? A writer? A photographer? The options are limitless when we work together!

Where did the name "Limners" come from?

In 1971 The Society of Limners was formed.

"The group was named after traveling journeymen sign painters and artists of the middle ages. The members were a variety of painters, sculptors, printmakers, and ceramists – none adhering to a specific manifesto or subject. They became well known for being Victoria’s preeminent art group and were a culmination of a decade of collegial collaboration, interesting parties, and exchange while fostering their own individual styles."

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Limners Meeting






An Open Studio event for the Lufkin Limners is a unique opportunity where a creative person shares their passion and talent with others. During the event, participants get to create something together, allowing them to learn new techniques and skills while having fun in a collaborative environment.

Please let us know if you're interested in hosting an event. It's a great way to share your passion with others and create something amazing together!

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Inkwell (Facebook Event Cover).png

Podcast coming soon!

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Join us for our next Gathering and connect with us on Social Media!

We love to highlight local artists. If you have something you'd like to get out there, please share it with us! Tag @LufkinLimners on Instagram, or join the group on Facebook to get support from fellow artists like yourself. 

Get in Touch!

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